Hillary Curses Like A Sailor And I’m Supposed To Be Offended? Fuuuuuck You.

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Apparently, it’s a theme among Hillary haters that she curses. Conservatives are offended because that means she’s the evil horrible bitch they claim she is. Far left twits are offended because it proves that she has a fake public persona.

Both can kiss my fucking ass.

If Hillary cursed in public, the far left would squeal that she’s unfit for the presidency so fuck them and their “she’s a phony!” narrative.

If Hillary actually is a potty mouth in private, the right can also go fuck itself because the sexism and hypocrisy is so thick, it could choke an elephant.

I don’t care if a politician curses in private, I care if they can comport themselves in public and do the job. Both the right and the far left have lost sight of that in their desperate need to hate Hillary at all costs.

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  1. Oh, like the Oompa Loompa doesn’t cuss? Come on…everybody cusses (well, almost everybody). I swear like a sailor and don’t give a fuck who hears it. People need to get a fucking grip.

  2. I already loved Hillary, but now I know I would love her that much more if I could hear her swearing!! Release the tapes!

  3. I always tell my students I don’t care at all how much they curse with their friends away from school, they just need to learn not to do it in school. Hilary knows when it isn’t appropriate to swear. She has control of herself. I don’t give a damn if she curses when she is with friends or coworkers, hell, so do I all the time. This just makes me like her more. Nobody likes a goody two shoes.

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