Hey As*sholes, Stop Telling Muslims To Condemn Terrorists

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The past few weeks has seen some pretty horrific rhetoric aimed at the Muslim community. Nothing new, I know, but it needs to be acknowledged, called out, shrunken down and put in its place. Three fundamentalist extremists mow down tourists and Britains alike on London Bridge and suddenly all of Islam is responsible. There are the usual demands for Muslims to come forward, call out these incidents, publicly admonish the acts and the ideology behind them. Usually, these empty demands are followed by the smug certainty by these keyboard warriors that no such thing is forthcoming, thus solidifying their certitude that all of Islam is either in on these heinous acts of terrorism or is complicit with its silence.

If you were to depend only on the 7 o’clock news and the few headlines you fall over online, you’d be almost inclined to sympathize, if not wholeheartedly agree.

Here’s the problem with that sentiment, it’s wrong!

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? There’s the 712-page document that is a thorough record of Muslims condemning acts of terror in the name of Islam since 9/11. This document was compiled by a 19-year-old Colorado student after a fellow student announced: “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.”

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But even that isn’t enough for the nay-saying bigots. Like the good Fox News selective-readers that they are, they absorb what they want, ignore what doesn’t fit their bigoted narrative and continue rattling their sabers and bellow their self-righteous rants.

Just this week, that saber rattling decided to have an evening out on the town, when yet another awful van attack took place in Finsbury Park, London. While some news sources immediately shared that the attack occurred outside a mosque as prayer-goers left after evening Ramadan prayers, others left out that tasty bit of information. Why? We can only speculate. Was it because the news outlets didn’t find it pertinent, or was the omission more insidious. That it would turn off the more fired up reader, the one filled with ignorance and hyperbole. You know, the one that would ensure the news piece was read and shared before anyone actually fact sourced anything: saber rattlers.

Within minutes of the Finsbury attack being reported the rattlers took to the web, spreading their unsubstantiated fakery, and passing it off as certainty. “Look, another terrorist attack from the evil brown Mooslims!”

Except, of course, it wasn’t. It was, however, an attack on Muslims simply on their way home after evening Ramadan prayers. Here’s where the most amazing thing happened. After being surrounded by those that survived the attack, the perpetrator was protected by the Iman of the Mosque. He interceded for this man’s life, telling the naturally angry crowd to restrain him and hand him over to the police, and they did.

Now, want to hear how many people survived the recent horrific London tower fire were able to escape? Their Muslim neighbors raised the alarm arriving back from Ramadan prayers, and because of their actions, many people survived.

So, let’s stop demanding Muslims all rush out and condemn terrorists every single time the terrorist happens to be of Arabic decent. It isn’t their fault and they shouldn’t have to run through the streets screaming,”I DON’T AGREE WITH THAT GUY!”

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