Here’s Generalissimo Trump Dressed Like A War Hero (IMAGES)

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You ever notice how the dictators in movies always love to dress in full military regalia?

Today in Virginia Trump got to flex his acting muscles aboard the USS Gerald Ford, an aircraft carrier he was using as a prop to help sell his bit about being “Commander-in-Chief.” We all know he doesn’t see himself that way in reality — the speed with which he blamed his generals for the death of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens in the botched Yemen raid (that Trump personally ordered) speaks more to a pretender than a defender. The fact that the raid produced no actionable intelligence and resulted in not just Owens’ death, but the deaths of many civilians including children, yet Trump still calls it a success could be the basis of a lecture on how not to be a Commander-in-Chief.

But Pretty Boy Donnie looked the part today:

Never mind the fact that Hair Trumpenführer got five draft deferments to avoid EVER having to put on a uniform for real. But there he was, selling his plan to increase military spending by over $50 billion, despite the fact that we already spend more on our military than the next dozen countries combined.

Hail to the Cheat!

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