Hannity Calls For Mueller, Rosenstein To Resign Because His Daddy Is Under Investigation

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Sean Hannity is not having a good year. First, advertisers started fleeing his show because he just could not let go of the disproved theory that Hillary Clinton had something to do with the death of Seth Rich. Then, just yesterday, a report was released claiming that the president and man whose ass he has been kissing for months may be investigated for obstruction of justice. Should that investigation into Trump and his cronies go forward, Hannity is going to look like a MAJOR idiot for standing up for him, and lose what little credibility has left.

During a mini freak out this morning in response to a report claiming special counsel Robert Mueller may seek obstruction of justice charges against Trump, Hannity called for the resignations of Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was made lead in the Russia investigation after Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself. Stated Hannity,

Mueller and Rod Rosenstein? Recuse themselves, resign immediately.

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Hannity sited conflict of interest as a reason that Mueller should resign, saying that the former FBI Director who is respected by both Republicans and Democrats has “more conflicts of interest than we can count on this show” and stating:

Mueller and Comey have been close friends for a long time. Comey admitted he leaked the memo to The New York Times, to the press, hoping it would bring about a special counsel which, by the way, turned out to be his best buddy, his BFF Robert Mueller.

Grasping at straws much, Mr. Hannity?  First you refuse to give up on some crazy conspiracy theory and now you are calling for people to resign just because they don’t agree with your buddy Donny? Your desperation is showing.

The embattled Fox News host gave zero reasons that Rod Rosenstein should resign. In his mind, it would seem that continuing to support a fair and independent investigation that may end up indicating Bigly Daddy Donald is reason enough.

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