Hahahaha. Trump Finds Out His 2nd Quarter Salary Isn’t Enough To Cover The Wall

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Trump’s “Great Wall” is not looking so great right now. As it stands currently, the government only has enough funds for about seven miles. That leaves about 993 miles unfunded.

Trump asked for $2.6 billion for the wall in his federal budget plan last month. He’s also asked for another $1.5 billion in a supplemental spending measure for 2017. I mean, it’s only money, right? I hope he realizes that this money is not Monopoly money; it’s very real and we will be paying for it.

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We have seen cuts to women’s healthcare, the arts, libraries, NASA and national parks. That is not even the complete list. America cannot afford this wall. This is just one more promise that the Donald is just not going to be able to deliver on. We should take the money the government has set aside for the wall and give back to some of the organizations that have been hurt under the Trump administration. If only it were that simple.

People on Twitter took a moment to laugh and give Donny some suggestions on what he could do with his seven miles.

There’s an idea. The people who actually WANT the wall can contribute and leave the rest of us out of it.

This could be worth looking into. I have a feeling it just may work.

Well, he just bombed one, but I don’t think he has considered it regarding his precious wall.

They really are. We told you, Trumpeteers. There will be many, many more campaign promises broken.

That is a wall I could support. It would definitely be a great addition to our national security. I know I would feel safer if he and his cronies were confined.

I have a feeling Trump’s vision of a beautiful wall is diminishing. He has said that he wants to focus on healthcare first, so who knows when the GOP will get around to approving any more funding for that mythical beast. I hope it remains the way it is now: a pipe dream.

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