Gun Shop Employee Injures Woman In Neighboring Salon Because He’s A F*cking MORON

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On Friday, a 19-year-old woman in Florida did what millions of women do every weekend, decide to get a pedicure at a local nail salon. While she was there she was shot in the back, not by an angry boyfriend, or someone who had come in to rob the store, but by an employee in the gun shop next door:

Yaminah Gilbert, 19, was at Dara’s Nail Salon and Day Spa getting a pedicure when a bullet struck her in the back around 6:30 p.m. Friday. Officials said the bullet came from the neighboring store, R&R Firearms in Seminole. An employee at the gun store, Mark Smith, 43, was unloading a customer’s .45 caliber handgun inside the store. Smith said he was clearing the loaded firearm when he pulled the slide back and emptied the chamber round from inside the firearm, and when he sent the slide forward on the handgun, there was a magazine with ammunition still inside and the gun accidentally discharged.

Here we have yet another story about an idiot using a deadly tool that they took completely for granted. Fortunately for this young woman, her injuries were minor.

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One would think that idiots being responsible for the death and injuries of others, or themselves using guns would be uncommon. They would be wrong. In November of last year, a couple and a friend went to a gun show in Raleigh. The husband, a concealed weapon carrier, accidentally shot his wife in the head, killing her, with the “unloaded” gun, before they’d left the parking lot.

Last year was a case study for the stupid and bizarre when it came to people having little regard for having a gun or how they carried or stored them. in 2016, 265 people were accidentally shot by children, causing 83 deaths. People storing guns in their purses, under the back seats of their car, on their coffee tables or other places where a gun should never be with children around, made their lives infinitely more dangerous, thus proving, yet again, that owning a gun does not make one safer.

Gun owners overwhelmingly believe the propaganda that suggests that owning a gun will make them safer. Safer from what is, of course, the question, as the odds of encountering an intruder or attacker is quite low. Yet, the idea of protection is the main reason people buy guns. They cite protection from intruders into their homes or attacks by strangers, yet isn’t the reality. Unintentional shootings are on the rise, as are injuries and incidents where children or teenagers are listed as victims. That isn’t making people or their families safer at all. Its simply upping the odds of being a victim of someone’s stupidity with a deadly weapon.

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