Gross 73-Year-Old Man Banned From Florida Beach After Asking Underage Girl To Be His ‘Sugarbaby’

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A 73-year-old man has added “creeper” to his portfolio after he was caught handing out business cards advertising for a “Sugar Baby” to a 16-year-old girl in Daytona Beach, Fl. He was not charged with a crime but has been banned from Volusia County beaches and walkovers, not because he was being inappropriate with this 16-year-old female, but because there is a no soliciting rule at the beach there. Yeah, I thought it was fucked up too.

Richard Basaraba approached the group of girls, two of whom were 18. He was wearing a t-shirt, which he purchased off the internet two weeks ago, also advertising for a “Sugar Baby ” and handed them the business cards. The cards contained his email address, a stock photo he found on the internet containing a young woman sitting on an older man in a business suit’s lap and the text  “Ask me about your monthly allowance” on it. Apparently, the t-shirt worked well as a conversation starter.

I don’t know about you, but I’m officially creeped out and I wasn’t even there.

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The 16-year-old girl told her mother, Karolina Seaman, about the incident and they reported it to the police. The report states that the teenager told cops:

 that after Basaraba learned the girls’ ages, he held up a bra pad and said he was looking for someone to fill it. He told the 16-year-old she ‘would be perfect,’ adding that she should contact him when she turned 18.

Basaraba stated he talked to groups of women in their 20s,30s,40s, and 50s. Apparently, older women found the bra pad hilarious, though most of the younger women didn’t. He also stated that he did not approach this group of young ladies, they approached him. After the incident, Basaraba said in an interview:

I’m really upset about it. This really knocked me for a loop.

He added that it was all a “misunderstanding.” Sure it was. And I’m the queen of England. He stated that if he had the chance, he would like to apologize to the girl and her mother.

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We all know there have been creepy old men around since the dawn of humanity, but most of them don’t advertise for a “Sugar Baby” on a beach. Further, this is just another example of the kind of crap women face all the time. We can’t even go to the beach with our friends without some kind of gross man making lewd suggestions. It’s so damn exhausting.

You can listen to the interview with the creeper below:

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