GOP Senator Who Campaigned On ‘Family Values’ Turns Out To Be Worst Kind Of Pervert…Ever

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For Oklahoma Republican State Senator and early Trump supporter Ralph Shortey, the drive from the Capitol in Oklahoma City to the Super 8 Motel in the nearby city of Moore takes maybe 20 minutes. The trip from that motel to the Moore PD must have seemed like a lifetime. What did he see from the back seat of that cruiser on his way to be booked on charges of child prostitution?

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Senator Shortey was arrested in the wee hours of the morning on March 9 and eventually charged with three felony counts, all involving the prostitution of an underage minor. One count was for being within 1,000 feet of a church. The best guess is that it was First Christian Church, across the highway from that motel. Was it his church? Could he see the spot where he normally parked on Sundays? Was he at church when he scouted the best motel to take his child prostitute?

They rolled down Broadway, past the Sonic — did Shortey stop there for lunch? He must have looked through that tempered glass at the Sooner Shopping Center. Is that where he got the engagement ring for his high school sweetheart Jennifer that the local news stations all fondly remember him marrying, after he finished school at Heartland Baptist Bible College, 17 miles away from the police station his marriage was about to end in?

was there enough wind to lift the flag as Shortey passed on his way to jail?

And then, two blocks before you get to the police department, there on the right is Central Junior High. How many times did ol’ Ralph drive past that school ogling the young boys as he trolled through Moore, Oklahoma? Do his two kids go there, or are they still in the elementary school right in front of the Police Department?

I speculate on this stuff because every time a “Family Values” Republican is arrested on some insanely hypocritical charge, I always wonder about the psychology of the affair. Are they suppressing their own homosexual desires when they vote against marriage equality? Are they remembering a girl they knocked up in high school when they vote to strip funding for women’s services? Was Senator Shortey overcompensating for his own drug use when he tried to overturn voter-approved measures to reduce penalties for nonviolent drug possession? After all, they found marijuana in the motel room, and his victim told police that he was the Senator’s dealer.

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We may never know why the worst perpetrators of crimes against “Family Values” always seem to be the most vocal supporters of those values, but at least if we look at the psychology, maybe we can stop the next Republican scumbag before he takes a victim of his own.

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