Disgusting GOP Representative Admits A Horrible Truth About Trump’s Healthcare Plan (VIDEO)

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Tuesday night, Chris Hayes had a congressman on his show from one of only two states that would ever elect a dude named “Buddy” to public office, Representative Earl Leroy “Buddy” Carter of Georgia. Carter is, of course, a Republican, and Hayes wasted little time getting down to asking about the GOP healthcare proposition that would replace the Affordable Care Act. Prefacing his question with the fact that Trump promised during the campaign that “everybody” was going to have insurance, Chris asked him:

Can you guarantee that millions of people won’t lose health insurance under this plan?

Carter, reluctant to give an answer for fear that someone might hear it, deflected as best he could, giving Hayes platitudes about the bill:

What I can guarantee is that this plan will create more competition and more choices for people. It will empower them. It will rescue health care in our society.

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That’s not any kind of answer at all, and Chris Hayes didn’t let up. He asked again, and Carter still wouldn’t commit:

I cannot guarantee anything.

And no guarantees is all anyone ever expected of you, Representative Carter. Twitter was having none of it. Using the hashtag that fans of Hayes’ show communicate with while tweeting, the “#inners” (for the name of Hayes’ show, All In with Chris Hayes) let him have it:

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Watch the entire exchange here:

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  1. this fucking idiot uses the same talking points as a giant healthcare C.E.O ? Bernie put it best , access to is saying you can buy a 10 million dollar home because it is on the market , but just because it`s accessible does not mean you can afford it. These conservative republicans are going to cause mass riots and people will die ! hopefully they will be the first ones killed when the shooting starts. Traitors are evil and need swift justice, I say kill them all and let GOD sort them out.Buddy Carter you have sold your soul for the love of money and the price you must pay is death after your trial in a court of law along with the others who conspire to do harm to tens of millions of Americans.

  2. this whole health insurance thing is nothing but a acam by the rich elite republicons middle class americans especially over the age of 54 will ni longer be able to afford health insurance the ceo’s of these health insurance companies are going to make so much money their pocketbooks are going to explode ther eill be rioting in the sstreets when families begin to lose loved ones becauce the don’t have health insurance and having edicaid or medicare will not make a bit of difference i have already watched a loved one perish because he only had medicaid . they felt it was too costly to save his life things will not change as long as only rich people are in charge. we must resist and persist call yor representative and your senator every american needs to get invoved to save our society we are being runover by a bunch of bloddy theiving greedy pigs it makes me sick to my stomach

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