Good News Everyone! Don Jr. Inherited Daddy’s Aptitude For Spelling The Best Words

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There is nothing I like more than waking up in the morning and seeing a poorly spelled tweet from a Trump. I’ll admit, I’m the happiest when it is something like “covfefe” or whatever else Donnie Sr. has fucked up while tweeting from his toilet. However, I was perfectly happy this afternoon when his creepy namesake did it.

This morning, Jr retweeted a Drudge Report tweet about an article that said 44% of the American people are optimistic about the economy. Junior apparently did not read the link that he posted because if he had he’d have also noticed that it said daddy’s approval ratings are in the toilet despite the economic confidence, but that’s an article for another day. Anywho, about an hour after the original Drudge tweet, Trump Jr. proved he can’t spell real good in a random message claiming Twitter is censoring him:

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“Confidance”? Haha. Dumbass.

Not only did he forget how to spell a word my son has known how to spell since 3rd grade, he still doesn’t know how Twitter works. There is not some grand conspiracy to “censor” his tweets, the censorship actually has nothing to do with him. The tweet that was censored came from an unverified account (Drudge Report) and that account has been flagged for posting tweets that are offensive to some. In fact, Drudge Report has had these messages appear for months and Don Jr would know that if he spoke to his evil brother Eric. According to The Hill, Eric whined about the same thing back in April and at the time the news publication explained the issue:

However, the company has recently introduced features intended to reduce abuse on the site, which include labeling certain accounts as “sensitive” that may include content some users could find offensive. Those “sensitive” accounts include content sympathetic to both right- and left-wing ideologies. Some users labeled “sensitive” have already complained about their designation.

Christ, maybe Jr. should work on his “confidance” and stop assuming everyone is attacking him–except for me, I’m definitely attacking him because I am….

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