Gollum Reading Trump’s Tweets Wins The Internet Today, Precious (VIDEO)

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Those familiar with the Lord Of the Rings movies or the books by J.R.R. Tolkien are also familiar with the character Gollum. That character, the main antagonist to the story’s hero Frodo Baggins, was portrayed masterfully on the big screen by actor Andy Serkis.

On Tuesday evening Serkis, who is now appearing in War For the Planet Of the Apes, joined host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, where Colbert made this request:

I would love it if I could hear either Smeagol or Gollum read these tweets by Donald Trump.

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Serkis was quite happy to oblige, getting into character by taking up Gollum’s typical crouching position on his chair and reading a Trump tweet about the “fake news” media. Then Colbert asked him to read the infamous “covfefe” tweet. Serkis/Gollum read the tweet, then asked Colbert, “Wait! What’s covfefe, precious?”

“No one knows,” Colbert replied.

It’s an interesting comparison, Trump and Gollum, particularly in light of the Trump/Russia story. Both have their own selfish motives for doing what they do. Both are self-centered. Both act bold when they have the upper hand, and cower when in the presence of someone they perceive as more powerful. And (although in Trump’s case this is speculation) both are the unwitting servants of an evil master.

As a longtime fan of The Lord Of the Rings, I have a hard time comparing Gollum to Trump, however. While everything I wrote above about the two is quite true, it is also true that Gollum was a victim of circumstances, who wound up becoming what he was because he happened upon the one ring of power. Donald Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t have Gollum’s excuse. He’s just an asshole, precious.

Here’s Andy Serkis doing Gollum reading Trump for Colbert:

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