‘God Doesn’t Like That’: Bus Driver Threatens 7-Year-Old With Hell For Having Two Mommies

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In Trump’s America, intolerance is on the rise and people who would have possibly kept their pig ignorant mouths shut feel free to spew their hatred like a broken sewer pipe launching filth 20 feet into the air. Case in point, Violeta Jacobo, a bus driver in Polk County, Florida:

One afternoon, in the beginning of February, her son had missed his bus from Alta Vista Elementary School, so a different bus driver took him home.

“He mentioned [to the bus driver] he was hoping his two mom’s wouldn’t be upset that he was home so late,” Encarnacion said. “She said ‘whoa God doesn’t like that,’ then she went on and on telling him how he wouldn’t make it into heaven and there is a such thing as hell.”

She claims the bus driver even sent him home with a Jehovah’s Witnesses card, and hate in his heart.

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When the mother complained to the school board, they blew her off. So she went to her local news station instead. When Channel 8 publicly embarrassed the powers that be, they “suddenly” decided to put the driver on paid administrative leave (aka a paid vacation). Oh, and she got a talking to as well. Very stern stuff here.

The official statement condemning the incident focuses on the driver discussing religion with a student as opposed to spreading anti-LGBT hate. The driver got the same level of “punishment” as if she had talked about the Ten Commandments or the Earth being created in 6 days.

In other words, the school is very deliberately and very obviously avoiding condemning the hate speech. Why? Who knows? Maybe they agree with the driver. Maybe they think saying something will have Fox News breathing down their neck. Maybe they feel that in Trump’s America, marginalized groups will just have to get used to being objects of unrestrained hate.

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Should the driver be fired for threatening a young child with eternal damnation and making him question if his family is “evil”? Abso-fucking-lutely. I’m the donor daddy to a lesbian couple and woe to the person that tries to teach our son to hate his mommies.

This is America and you can believe whatever batshit craziness you want but the second you push it on to vulnerable children you work with, you should pay an immediate and serious price. Anything less will encourage other hateful people to infect the minds of children with their rot.


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  1. The only thing that makes me somewhat sceptical of this story (or at least the way it is being presented) is that Jehovah’s Witness doctrine does not involve the concept of ‘hell’ as is generally portrayed in most mainstream (or even fundamentalist) Christian churches. I know that the Witnesses do disapprove of homosexual relationships. I could see this happening if the driver were a member of a garden-variety fundamentalist church, but something doesn’t add up here. Anyway, there’s going to be an investigation, so we’ll see what comes out of it.

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