Glenn Beck Defends Hillary Clinton And Pigs Are Flying At Mach 2

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What if this year’s election cycle is just so upside-down and insane that conservative pundits have joined the ranks of sane people to denounce the apparent favoritism shown Donald Trump by the FBI? Well, it is.

“Can you imagine if this were to happen to Donald Trump?” Glenn Beck asked.

Yes, THAT Glenn Beck has continued his journey of accepting that Trump is a danger to the country. He did so by chiming in with his distress over the FBI Director’s choice to “announce” something that isn’t even a thing. That thing was the FBI Directors letter that led to many Conservatives and news outlets  jumping the gun and claiming that the “Email Investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s private server was being re-opened.

It wasn’t, and isn’t, and the FBI hasn’t even seen the emails that Comey referenced. They hadn’t even gotten a warrant to look at them when Comey rushed the information to congressional Republicans. Oh, and the emails in question didn’t even come from the private server.

Yet, Comey had argued against publicly announcing that the FBI is actually investigating Trump’s Russian connections because it was too close to the election. Funny how THAT was a concern…

FBI Director James Comey has managed to do something that many would have held impossible before this date: he forced the right wing’s favorite nutjob to actually defend Hillary Clinton. 

Beck called Comey’s absolutely unprecedented move “one of the most irresponsible things to ever happen.”:


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