Giant Sand Sculpture Appears On Jersey Shore To Mock Chris Christie

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I thought I had moved past the media furor over Chris Christie. You know, the blowhard New Jersey Governor who decided he could not agree to a budget by Friday, June 30, which effectively closed down New Jersey’s state parks and beaches on a busy holiday weekend.

Well, they were shut down for everyone but himself and his family because that’s the way it works, y’all. It’s all rather convenient, especially when one considers that he finally approved a budget Monday, one day before the birthday of our country – giving him a nice, secluded stay-cay with his loved ones. Screw everyone else who had plans to stay-cay there, amirite?

On Monday, a new sand sculpture appeared on the beach. It is a resplendent version of Christie reclining, enjoying the beach alone. He is decked out in his beach wear, but forgot the remove the dress shoes and socks, making it even better. On his chair are written the words, “Beach Closed” – for those who missed it.

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Haha. Brilliant.

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