‘Geography Class For Racist People’ Is Something Every Trump Supporter Should Watch (VIDEO)

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If you have spent any amount of time scrolling through internet message sections, you know how terrible they can be. Personally, I think they are so bad that I don’t even read the comments under my articles anymore because I know that I’ll just get sucked into arguments with morons if I do. Apparently, social media star Lilly Singh is experiencing the same problem on her YouTube channel and she is so fed-up with it that she made an awesome video to address it.

When something horrible happens in the world, you’ll see the rise of two types of people,” Singh said in the video. “Number one, people who don’t let fear divide them and instead choose to come together. And number two, racist idiots who don’t deserve an internet connection.

Singh, a Canadian Sikh, gave her viewers a little taste of the fuckery she receives every time she posts something with one particularly stupid comment that said,“go bak to ur country, you terrorist paki afghan indian muslim slut #MakeAmericGreatAgain.” UGH, it hurts your brain to read that, doesn’t it? It doesn’t even make any damn sense. Singh then launched into her “A Geography Class For Racist People” lesson, showing the morons how unbelievably clueless and embarrassing they are. It was brilliant and instead of spoiling it for you with a bunch of quotes, just let you watch it for yourself.


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