Gangsta Martha Stewart Wins The Internet With One Sneaky Finger (IMAGE)

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Martha Stewart got in between portraits of Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg at Frieze Art Fair at Randall’s Island Park in New York City Saturday.  In a photo posted on Instagram, she is seen flashing a peace sign at both paintings. However, another picture surfaced on Twitter showing that she wishes Trump a little more than peace. The pic was taken by an executive at Stewart’s company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Newlin Tillotson posted the following picture and it’s nothing short of fantastic. Stewart was instantly held in higher regard by a lot of people.

The user has changed their privacy settings, but here is a screen shot of the picture before it was hidden from everyone but confirmed followers.

At the time of this post, there are over 14,000 “likes” and nearly 6,000 retweets. This is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite picture.

And we all know the boycott is inevitable – they are boycotting shit left and right. Disney movies, Stephen Colbert and Chelsea Handler are just a few (But protesting is stupid, amirite Trumpsters?).

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@Newlin777 Martha has reached the age where she doesn’t give a FUCK and I am living for it

— Amy (@amygary17) May 7, 2017

We are ALL living for this today, Amy.

Snoop seems to have rubbed off a bit on Martha. We can’t say we hate it.

Even with all this newfound love, you know Trump’s supporters had to put their two cents in. As you can guess, all of the opposition’s posts are feigned indignation.

Fair enough, but he seems a bit salty – miserable hag really says it all, doesn’t it?

Trump supporters do not get to act insulted by classless gestures – they are all classless guestures.

Again – pot and kettle.

This probably isn’t the most politically correct photo ever, but when have Trumpsters ever been accused of being politically correct? Photos like this is like karma for all the republicans who posted much, much worse about our last president. Martha Stewart has definitely earned her internet win this time.

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  1. I agree. I have a new-found respect for Martha now. Don’t know much about either but for someone who smokes weed as much as Snoop, I’m all for him.

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