Fox Uses Drowning Victim’s Mug Shot. Guess What Color He Is?

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If you haven’t already read about this horrible story, five Florida teens between ages 14 and 16 stood on the shore of a pond and laughed at Jamel Dunn as he drowned. Instead of helping him or calling the police, they made a video and joked about it.

That’s already terrible but just to make it that much worse, Fox News had to put their own special spin on it. While normal news outlets used a picture provided by Dunn’s family:

Or a frame of the tragic video:

Fox went right ahead and used a mug shot because this is Fox News and they’re fucking monsters:

Conservative media will take any opportunity to whip up racial fear in old white bigots. And this is why Trumpanzees still cling to their guns, their Bibles and their white savior, Donald Trump.


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