Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Manipulates Trump Into Threatening Chicago

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With American “Carnage” on his mind, Trump has long had Chicago in the cross-hairs for its crime rates. But now it appears that FOX News’ O’Reilly Factor just dumped napalm on that target and the easily manipulated President Trump responded. In his latest poorly thought out tweet, Trump has threatened to “Send in the Feds” to Chicago, supposedly to curtail homicides.

Tuesday’s O’Reilly  Factor burned down the house to get Trump’s eye with O’Reilly calling the homicide rate “Worse than Afghanistan” and validating Trump’s claim of “carnage.” With black conservative mouthpiece Horace Cooper as an accomplice, O’Reilly gave repeated step-by-step instructions to Trump on how to take over Chicago’s justice system, including erroneously citing the Federal reform of the New Orléans PD as precedent. Cooper and O’Reilly went on to discuss how the US Attorney can take over “like that incident in South Carolina,” trivializing the real carnage wrought by White Supremacist Dylann Roof.

Singling out Chicago is nothing new for the tweeter-in-chief. Prior his swearing-in, Trump threw a Twitter fit after seeing a 60 Minutes episode on Chicago’s violence. In his inaugural address, Trump used the phrase “American carnage” to depict inner cities in America as battlegrounds between gangs and dope dealers. With Chicago showcased on the White House Website and after many incendiary comments about Chicago’s high crime rates, Chicago Mayor Emanuel Rahm finally rebutted Trump, telling the President to focus on the needs of the American people and not his crowd size. Besides being Former President Obama’s home town, Mayor Rahm’s defiance of Trump was enough to put a big, orange target on the Windy City.

With O’Reilly as straight man, asking all the right questions, Cooper even advocated that local criminals be “sent to Federal prison, nowhere even in Illinois.” They went on to suggest that Trump “call out the National Guard” because Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) “is a coward.” Because why not get Trump’s authoritarian rule started right with a little martial law?

Despite an investigation by US Attorney Loretta Lynch that outlines a sane and even-handed approach to the problems facing the Chicago Police, assisted by the Justice Department, there is now the possibility that Chicago is facing yet another great fire with FOX News happily fanning the flames on all sides. And if you’re not already in a state of panic, the idea that Bill O’Reilly, a racist, sexist blowhard, has the ability to make Trump dance to his tune should keep you up late into the night.

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