Fox Gets Suckered By An Anti-Immigrant Wack Job Posing As A “Swedish Advisor”

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Last week on The O’Reilly Factor, the ‘Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor’, Nils Bildt spoke about the problems Sweden has been facing since they have allowed Syrian refugees into their country. He discussed different areas where “socially deviant acts” and crime have increased.

However, no one from Sweden actually knew this Nils Bildt as any sort of adviser. A Swedish publication, Dagens Nyheter, reported that the man claiming to be Nils Bildt is actually Nils D. Tolling, a Swedish emigrant who came to the U.S. in 1994.

Bildt Tolling claims that he made it very clear to Fox News that he is an independent analysis. However, that did not seem to be the case when his ‘title’ was aired on Fox.

Bildt is a widely-known political name in Swedish circles; Carl Bildt was a former Prime Minister and foreign minister. The former Swedish PM stated that he does have a brother by the name of Nils, but that the actual Nils Bildt is ‘highly irritated’ that Tolling is using his surname to ‘gain favors’.

It appears as though the ruse worked. O’Reilly talked with him as though he was an actual Swedish advisor. All of this stems back to Trump asserting there was a terrorism attack on Sweden earlier this month at his rally in Florida.

It seems amazing that Trump would create fake news to back up his notions that immigrants are violent and we must keep them out. Wait a second, it’s not amazing at all. This is par for the course: discredit real news and deflect to fake news to cover his bumbling. Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have some explaining to do, and that will happen on The O’Reilly Factor tonight as he addresses this error. It might be an episode worth watching to see how OBVIOUS fake news is handled on Trump’s favorite network.

Meanwhile, we feel like we are in elementary school on opposite day: Fox News is real, and Trump has an all-time high approval rating. Honest!

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