Fox & Friends Guest Claims Schools Are Liberal Because They Feed Hungry Children

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Just in case you thought that conservatives couldn’t get any more monstrous or heartless, here we are, with the worst cable news show reminding us why it’s the worst.

On Friday, the idiots over at Fox & Friends had a chat with Julie Gunlock, a senior fellow at the “Independent” Women’s Forum, regarding schools and school lunches. And Gunlock had . . .well…  I’ll be generous and call them uninformed opinions for now.

More and more now these schools, elementary schools are taking on and supplanting parents. They get dropped off at 6:30 in the morning, they get three meals a day. There is after-care. There is even health care services at some schools. So, really schools have tried more and more to take on the role of parenting.

Based on the tone of the piece, this is apparently bad. Feeding children is “liberal bias.”

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Gunlock went on to whine about schools teaching things like climate change and transgender rights, which are also “liberal biases:”

Now we’re seeing it in political issues. They’re telling children, ‘This is how you should think about certain issues,’ ‘This is how you should believe’… this is the ‘correct’ way to think on these issues. It’s very disturbing and parental rights are absolutely left out of the picture.

As a potential solution, Gunlock advocated the “Benedict option”, which is Galt’s Gulch for . . . y’know what? Every insult I can use against right-wing Christians I can justifiably use against libertarians too, so I’ll just end on that thought.

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For the record, she’s not the first conservative that sees free lunches as a burden. All of this came from Reagan, who presumably figured that he could starve inner city black children back onto the plantation.

You’ll have to pardon me, but I have so very little patience for this shit. I work in the school systems. I see children who depend on their schools to supply them with food — I’ve seen children cry because it was a half day and they knew they weren’t going to get fed when they got home. This is how children live in this country.

I’m willing to bet money that Ms. Gunlock is “pro-life”, too, and it’s a hell of a “pro-life” position to argue in favor of starving children. As far as I’m concerned, the entire crew over at Fox & Friends, as well as Julie Gunlock and every Republican who agrees with her, can all go for a swim in a vat of fluoroantimonic acid.

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