Former Republican Congressman Calls Paul Ryan A Liar

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Earlier this week Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was asked if he would call for the impeachment of a Democratic president if they were embroiled in the same controversy as Trump and he responded:

No. I don’t think we would, actually. I don’t think that’s at all the case.

Republicans all over the country called for Obama’s impeachment constantly over his eight years in office, despite there being no significant scandals during his term. So, obviously, his response was absolute horseshit. So much nonsense, in fact, that Rep Bob Inglis (R-S.C)  couldn’t keep quiet.

A few Democrats have made noises about impeachment due to the way Trump has handled that pesky Russian meddling, but Republicans, like Ryan, are still defending him at every turn.  Not only are they defending him, the speaker said he felt sorry for Trump because Comey told on him in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee:

What I got out of that testimony is, we now know why he was so frustrated when the FBI director told him three times there’s no investigation of him, yet that speculation was allowed to continue.

Anyone remember speculation about Hillary being rampant at one point when they were investigating those emails? In fact, I distinctly remember that speculation going all the way until election day. But, we totally have the same rules for Republicans as we do for Democrats. Sure, buddy.

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