Florida Gun Nuts Are So Paranoid They Only Want To Go To ‘Gun-Friendly’ Doctors

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Some gun owners feel as though they are discriminated against by those in the medical field merely for having guns. Healthcare professionals do ask at times about gun ownership to try to educate patients on gun safety – especially if there is cause for concern for anyone’s safety. That perceived discrimination has been the focus of a long-running battle between health care providers and gun owners in Florida with House Bill 155.

Paraphrased by Sunshine State News:

In 2011, the Florida legislature created the Docs vs. Glocks law, which effectively barred doctors and physicians from asking questions about their patients’ gun ownership unless it was medically relevant. Under the law, patients could also report whether a doctor was harassing them for gun ownership. The law immediately became controversial and doctors swiftly took it to court. Six years later, court judges ruled the law infringed upon doctors’ First Amendment rights in a 10-1 ruling.

This past week, a group called Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) began a new effort in the form of 2Adoc.com to appease those gun owners who are less worried about killing someone than they are about the possibility of their insurance premiums rising. Let’s face it, some gun owners are a liability risk for insurance companies. This group seeks to find doctors who support responsible gun ownership and list them for those paranoid gun owners who think anyone might just take away their guns at any given moment.

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According to the DRGO site,

Frankly, medicine has an institutional bias against guns. To counter this, DRGO has launched 2Adoc.com, a referral service that will connect patients with healthcare providers who respect their second amendment rights and who won’t engage in anti-gun activism in the patient exam room…. The service will allow patients to find healthcare providers who won’t badger them or penalize them for owning firearms. The service will allow providers to add patients to their practice.

Ah, we knew that there had to be a benefit for the doctors. However, one should be discerning about doctors who are willing to bow to the wishes of a particular group instead of doing what is ethical. The DRGO site states that it will not be responsible for verifying “provider credentials and licensing.” I suppose some people find their that their 2nd Amendment rights are more important than quality healthcare. Those people are too stupid to own guns.

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