Florida County May Need To Create A New Tax To Pay For Trump’s Constant Vacations

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For a guy who spent so much time criticizing President Obama’s golfing and taxpayer-funded trips, Donald Trump sure has done a lot of the same himself. In fact, according to an analysis by the Washington Post, the Tangerine Tornado has touched down on a Trump property once every 2.8 days since his inauguration. Who knows where he finds the time? I mean, he’s got health care to destroy, Congress to bypass, and a country to possibly invade. It must be incredibly hard to squeeze in putts between presidential decrees.

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If there’s one thing we know, however, it’s that Trump is dedicated to Mar-a-Lago. The property in West Palm Beach, Florida is widely known as the “Winter White House,” and Trump spends so much time there that commissioners in Palm Beach County are now considering a special tax on the resort. The county has spent nearly $2 million on police overtime and security since January, and has yet to see any reimbursement from the federal government.

Back in March, Money magazine interviewed one of the commissioners, Dave Kerner:

We’re very honored to have the president here, but at the same time, his travel here is such high frequency he’s not visiting Palm Beach County — he’s governing from it.

The $150 million property isn’t just costing the county money in tax breaks and overtime, either. Small businesses around the local airport have been losing money hand over fist due to Trump’s frequent visits. Lantana Airport is closed entirely every time Trump comes to town. Flight schools, helicopter services, and banner flying companies have all lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of closures related to Trump’s golf outings.

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It’s not likely that someone as tone-deaf as Donald Trump will ever appreciate the hypocrisy of criticizing Obama for wasting taxpayer money on trips, then costing America nearly twelve times as much for the same thing. Maybe a tax will do the trick.

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