Facebook Went Down Today, Hilarity Ensued (TWEETS)

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The entire world ground to a halt today when Facebook went down. It was horrible. People actually had to talk to other people. In person. It was positively wretched! Did you know there were three people in this house besides me? I literally had no clue, but when I turned away from the screen, there they were.

Seriously though, Facebook experienced a near world-wide outage today. In response, people flew to Twitter, where the action was lively and hilarious. The hashtag #facebookdown lit up like Frankenstein in an electrical storm.

Some of the best posts:


For me, it was actually refreshing. I got away from my desk, made myself some lunch, and actually talked to the people that hang under the same roof for a change. And then I realized that Twitter was still up. Albeit short-lived, my foray back into real life was enlightening if nothing else. I spend entirely too much time locked in the office watching my news feed, taking care of pages and groups, and basically centered around Facebook.

Maybe Zuckerberg ought to knock it down for an hour once a month?

Yeah, I know, and I’m glad those daggers can’t travel through the internet.

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