Evangelical Trump Supporter Actually Said Something That Wasn’t Entirely Stupid (Video)

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ABC spoke to Evangelical leader and Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell, Jr. on ABC’s This Week Sunday. The topic of the interview was Falwell’s support of Trump’s stance on the events at Charlottesville. Evangelical leaders, like Falwell, have been a very beneficial bunch of supporters for Trump. They have their giant “flocks” to preach to about his virtues – creating thousands of supporters.

He defended Trump when asked about the “very fine people” on the neo-nazi side Trump referenced at Charlottesville last weekend by skirting the issue. When pressed he said that Trump “probably had information” that he didn’t about those who attended the rally.

Ooooh, OK. “Probable information” is like those unnamed sources Trump came to dislike when he became president – got it.

Falwell continued to blubber about how there are no good white supremacists but held on to the idea that Trump had some unknown information about the fine people he wasn’t aware of. The reporter asked if Trump could have been clearer when he equated the counter-protestors with the racists that were marching. His statement about there being blame on both sides rubbed many people the wrong way. No one counter-protesting racism wants to be equated to hate groups.

Falwell gave a blanket statement that turned out to hold a lot of truth. He stated,

He doesn’t say what’s politically correct. He says what’s in his heart … and sometimes that gets him in trouble.

Did you catch that? What’s in his heart is that he feels that the people who were counter-protesting, the “alt-left” as he called them, were as much to blame as the hate groups. THAT is what’s in Trump’s heart and Falwell can’t deny it – he said it. Trump doubling-down on that statement is very telling.

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Watch the interview if you can stomach it. Around the six minute mark is where Falwell admits that Trump’s heart is as black as his skin is orange.

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