Eric Trump Proves He Isn’t Very Bright With Dumbass Defense Of Mike Pence

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No one could ever accuse Donald Trump of being the brightest crayon in the box after seeing his failed attempt at presidenting. His son, Eric Trump, just proved that the apple doesn’t fall far from the idiot tree with his dumbass defense of Mike Pence’s staged walkout at a weekend football game.

Eric’s tweet is filled with stupid from start to finish. To begin with, there is nothing “amazing” about Pence and his little publicity stunt. The Vice President of the United States took a taxpayer-funded flight with his entire secret service entourage to stage a temper tantrum over American Citizens exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully protest police brutality and institutional racism. Not one thing about that is “amazing.”

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As for Eric’s remark that Pence is somehow “standing up for our country and for the respect of our great flag,” he just won the moron of the day award. Even though Trump and his Republican cronies are doing their best to twist the narrative that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful to the flag and our military, it’s just more of their bullshit to distract Americans from the real point. The players that are kneeling have the utmost respect for our country and many veterans have come out in support of their protest, declaring that they swore to defend the Constitution, not the flag. It is the right to protest that our military fights and dies for, not a song or a flag. Furthermore, those who are taking a knee aren’t trying to disrespect “our great flag,” they are simply pleading with the powers that be to stop those who are sworn to serve and protect from shooting unarmed black men dead in the street.

With his tweet, Eric just proved that he is every bit the babbling idiot that his father is. The saddest part is that not one bit of it is even surprising anymore.

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