Eric Trump Posts Ridiculous Photo On Twitter And Gets Laughed Off The Internet

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Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, decided to brag about how great his family’s hotels are by posting a picture on Twitter that got him laughed off the internet. According to the Trump heir, their hotels are the greatest hotels — and the boiler rooms are all the proof you need. Seriously.

Eric tweeted the following photo on his daddy’s favorite social media platform to show the world just how tremendous all Trump properties are.

I must admit, at first I stared at this tweet blankly while trying to figure out WTF he was so proud of. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one.

But to be clear, not everyone thought the cleanliness of Trump’s mechanical room was all that astounding at all and some even pointed out some very serious problems that can be seen in these pictures.

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Well, now that we have figured what point he was trying to prove (even though he failed miserably), we can move on to the straight up mockery. And boy oh boy was there plenty of that to go around.

Featured image via video screen capture

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