Elizabeth Warren’s Blistering Takedown Of Trumpcare Is A Must See (VIDEO)

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Elizabeth Warren is the people’s warrior. She has never shied away from taking on fellow politicians who put party lines above the people. With the impending changes in healthcare with the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA – aka Trumpcare), she has been even more savage. One of the most damaging changes is the cuts to Medicaid.

With the implementation of the ACA (aka Obamacare), there was an expansion to Medicaid. Those who were just over the poverty line could start receiving Medicaid to help with their medical costs. Another important change was that the government would match states’ medicaid expenses, thereby giving states more money for rural healthcare clinics and drug treatment centers. In a lot of areas, people only have access to these clinics.

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Elizabeth Warren is nothing if not passionate about the people and she had a few words for the politicians voting for this disastrous plan:

You come explain to the families all over my state that have lost a loved one to opioids how you’re gonna suck $5 Billion out of treatment for opioid addiction… You go meet the families and the health care providers at our community health centers and explain to them how they’re going to have to cut services; how some of them are going to have to fold up and say no to the families that they provide the only lifeline of available healthcare to them. You go explain to people who are disabled how they’re going to lose their opportunity to just get a little help ,so they can get out of the house, so they don’t have to be institutionalized.

Implementation of the AHCA would cut Medicaid by around $1 trillion over the course of the next decade. This would force poorer communities to close up their only clinics. Without these, many people will just go without healthcare or drug treatment. Drug treatment is critical right now, especially with our nation’s raging opioid crisis.

We can all take a lesson from this woman. We need to fight and hold politicians accountable for the people they are paid to represent.

Watch as Liz shreds Trumpcare in less than TWO minutes:

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