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Early Voting Surges In Georgia As Democrats Try To Flip The 6th

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All eyes will be on Georgia’s 6th District next Tuesday as Democrat Jon Ossoff attempts to flip a seat that has been held by the GOP for over 20 years—most notably by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. “Flip the 6th” has become a rallying cry for people across the nation who want to send a message to establishment Republicans in Congress that their support of Trump will not be tolerated:

Hey, #TheResistance 🚨 #VoteYourOssoff

You want change? Health care? Impeachment?

We need to #FlipThe6th #swingleft
This is our shot. 🚨

— Tony Stark 2017 💥 (@1IronMan2017) June 12, 2017

Your vote is your voice, #GA06 it’s time to #MakeYourVoiceHeard#BeAHero#SaveTheDay#FlipThe6th#HeroesResist

— Agent Carter 💥 (@AgentCarter_SSR) June 11, 2017

Polls going into Tuesday’s race show Ossoff with a stunning 7 point lead over Republican Karen Handel. In a statement after the poll was released, Jon Ossoff said:

After two disastrous debates in which Karen Handel was forced to admit she led the effort to defund breast cancer screenings while at Susan G. Komen, it’s clear Georgia voters want fresh, independent leadership in Washington, not another career politician

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If the early voting numbers that are pouring into Georgia’s 6th today are any indication, Mr. Ossoff would seem to be correct. Early votes total over 100,000 so far, more than double the amount of the primary election in April. Such a high number of early votes is indicative of a huge voter turnout in this election, and with Ossoff leading in polls a higher turnout is likely to be in his benefit.

Remember, when we show up [VOTE], we win [SEATS]! #FlipThe6th #VoteYourOssoff #VoteBlue

— Christine Triebsch (@ChristineForGA) June 14, 2017

Jon @Ossoff is the hero we’re looking for.#FlipThe6th #UniteBlue #GA06#TheResistance #VoteThemOut

— Jhamel (@JhamelResists) June 13, 2017

The attention and excitement surrounding this election appear to be working. Voters are showing up, and showing up early. Due to the huge numbers of early votes, pollsters are predicting a total turnout of over 200,000 voters—a fantastic number in a District whose population totals a little over 500,000. And a win for Ossoff in such a traditionally conservative territory would most certainly encourage liberal support of similar races all across the nation.

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