Dumb*ss Cops Kick Woman Out Of A Bathroom Because She Looks Like A Male (VIDEO)

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So, it has finally happened. A woman has been kicked out of a restroom somewhere in America because she doesn’t “look like” a girl.

A video was recently uploaded to YouTube that shows a lesbian being physically pushed out of a restroom by police because they mistook her for a boy. In the video, the woman asserts over and over that she is a female, but police didn’t believe her. A male officer demanded that she produce identification and prove that she was actually a girl. When she explained that she did not have an ID on her, the cop says,”OUT!” and forces her out of the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the video does not give any specifics about where or when it took place, but it certainly looks legitimate.

This is exactly the kind of thing we have been warning about ever since the GOP decided that they would take up the cause of policing restrooms. Recently, North Carolina passed a “bathroom bill” after Republicans became pissed of that Charlotte passed a bill protecting the LGBT community from discrimination. The state in now the subject of a boycott and the governor continues to say he did the right thing by passing the law.

Now, we have no idea where this video took place, but let’s consider something like it happening in NC. A transgender male is forced to use the women’s restroom, people freak out, the cops arrive and kick him out. But WAIT! He is supposed to be there because the law says that he is not allowed to use the male’s bathroom. How are the police supposed to handle that? I mean, in this case, the woman who was kicked out was definitely a woman, she just dressed boyish. Imagine what would happen if she’d had a beard… holy shit.

Over the years, Republicans have shifted a lot of their attention to transgender people and have targeted them with ridiculous bathroom bills all across the country. It’s funny that a party who claims to be all about small government is focusing so much time and attention on what happens in restrooms. They claim that they are doing this for our own good because transgender people are predators or some nonsense. That makes little sense when you consider the fact that the only person to roam public restrooms for sex in recent years was a GOP senator…..


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