Drunken Dad Tells People At Disney ‘Trump Is Going To Kill’ Them (VIDEO)

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Disney World is most known for the magical memories families make while visiting. Kids (and parents) get to meet some of their favorite Disney characters, ride fun rides and just relax. All of it sounds like a great time until the adults start drinking irresponsibly.

Brian Olmstead, 35, from Ohio recently took his family on a trip to Disney World to coincide with his daughter’s cheerleading competition at ESPN Wide World of Sports. As his wife and two daughters were at the cheerleading event, witnesses say Olmstead got drunk at the Art of Animation Resort’s poolside bar, while his seven-month-old son became sunburnt beside him. Yeah. He had the baby at the bar in the sun. Responsible, huh?

According to one report:

Police say Olmstead was escorted back to his room, only to return and threaten guests; allegedly charging them with a stroller, shouting racial slurs, and even telling a deputy that ‘Donald Trump was going to kill him.’ The family returned home to Ohio Wednesday afternoon.

This idiot was charged with child neglect and disturbing the peace. While he let his baby roast in the sun in his stroller, he was getting drunk and threatening police in the name of Donald Trump. They don’t make dads like they used to, apparently.

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Brian Olmstead believes the police is reporting alternative facts. He said he only had three drinks at the bar and got angry after a couple called him an “unfit father.” He said he never charged anyone and never said the president would kill anyone. He did admit he needs help for his drinking. He sounds like a totally reliable guy – alcoholics never lie about how many drinks they’ve consumed.

His wife, Destiny, told the local news:

He has a problem and he’s addressing it. It’s not something that happens all the time.

Well, one would hope that with three children in the house, it isn’t something that happens frequently. Children don’t need to see their father acting like a raving lunatic – fathers are supposed to teach their children how to be decent fucking humans.

Watch local coverage from Olmstead’s local news:

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