Douchey Scott Baio Goes Full Twitter-Stupid Over Nordstrom And Gets His A$$ Handed To Him

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Fox News is always on the radar for liberals. They are the true champions of fake news. Liberals love tearing them apart. Today, Faux News took to Twitter to inform us that Scott Baio, a celebrity Trump supporter, announced that he would no longer shop at Nordstrom.

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His Highness’s Twitter haters jumped on the chance to tear Chachi Baio apart. The results are glorious. Sit back and laugh with us:

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Oh Scotty, please do not misunderestimate (sorry for steal, Dubya) your non-fans’ ability to remind you that you have not been a celebrity for longer than a lot of them have been alive. Your words are only resonating with the folks who never shopped there in the first place.

Like a lot of us, this twitter user had no words and could only laugh. We feel you. We TOTALLY feel you.

This man is a fountain of knowledge about washed-up celebrities. We do not know where they are shopping either (or even who most of them are), but lets hope they do all their shopping at Nordstrom now.

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That may be below the belt, but it is a sentiment most of us were thinking. I have not seen any Happy Days or Joanie Loves Chachi reruns in at least two decades. Those residuals are probably rather puny, if they even exist.

Finally! Someone points out Faux News’s hypocrisy. But, by all means Fox, please keep tweeting these tidbits. We all could use a good laugh amidst all the horror we have been experiencing for the last three weeks.

This. Watch out, folks! Herr Dump may actually appoint Scott Baio. We have already established that his wallet is light, but maybe all the free publicity will get Chachi a position alongside DeVos or Tillerson.

James for the win! Apparently, many people want nothing to do with cheaply made clothing. You know, clothing that was NOT made in the USA. Nordstrom based their decision on sales, but that just confuses the right. Being the first lady President’s daughter does not make your clothing line any better.

Seriously, why didn’t his supporters buy her line before the Nordstrom drop? Obviously, they support crap, look at those horrid hats they wear! We would tell them to be proactive in supporting THEIR president, but most of them would have to look up that word in the dictionary.

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