Donald Trump Deleted His ‘Covfefe’ Tweet This Morning And Violated The Presidential Records Act

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We have all been there. It’s a little after midnight and you’ve had a few too many. You use your tiny little hands to punch out what seems at the time to be the best tweet ever, only to wake up the next morning to realize that you actually tweeted this:


You frantically erase the tweet, thanking your lucky stars that only 5 people had viewed it so far.

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Unless you happen to be the POTUS and have millions of followers. Sure, approximately 40 percent of them are bots disguised as “followers” to feed your fragile ego and make you seem more popular than you actually are, but still. The followers who are real people are awake, not drunk and have a whole lot of fun re-tweeting your incoherent post whilst you are sleeping. And by the time you do come to your senses and delete it, it is farrrr too late. #Covfefe is the biggest trending tweet of the day and people are having A LOT of fun with it:



Aaaannnddd…Urban Dictionary already has a definition for your newly created word..

One other little tiny detail: it is actually illegal to delete your tweets when you are the president, no matter how blitzed you were when you wrote them. Here in the United States we have this inconvenient thing called the “Presidential Records Act of 1978” which states,

The President shall take all such steps as may be necessary to assure that the activities, deliberations, decisions, and policies that reflect the performance of the President’s constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties are adequately documented and that such records are preserved and maintained as Presidential records pursuant to the requirements of this section and other provisions of law.

The only records that do not fall under this law are those of a purely personal nature, as in a private diary entry or personal note meant only for private viewing. A post on a public platform such as Twitter is not considered “private” and is solidly within the definition of a presidential record.

We sympathize, Mr. President. We really do. But as an employee of the American people you are legally not allowed to just tweet something and then erase it. Might we suggest limiting yourself to just one Lime-A-Rita prior to posting on social media in the future?

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  1. POTUS does not drink so there goes that bit of your prickly toned article. POTUS has two Twitter Accounts. His long time original and his official Presidential Account. Same as former President Obama. Who would also tweet on his private account and delete at will and then all the boring, official stuff goes on the Pressie Account. That account can’t be altered. Your law breaking concerns only apply to the Pressie Account (See Alan Derschowitz). So, that knocks out your snarky title and repeated assumption. The hands thing is just childish, but word on da street is POTUS is playing a game with the Country !!

    Not a typo, done by a drunk with miniature hands, but a riddle. This hypothesis is fueled by a later Tweet (on private account) saying as much and teased ENJOY!
    Today’s Presser included Spicer confirming its no typo and has a meaning which few are in the loop.
    The riddle will be exposed one way or another. No idea if a prize is involved but if this is true….your entire, passive aggressive swill of an article is just #Griffin.

    The time for Mean Girl swipes has passed. That was a phase that goes back to when Tina Fey was employed. This Country is in serious financial trouble and there are serious, deadly forces in the world that we must face. Team time is over. POTUS has a great deal on his plate. He could use and your Country could use less negativity. It works out far better for all of us if you could tone down the HATE. If he fails it affects you. If he succeeds it affects you. Survival instincts need to kick in. Only others in your same stage of angst read this stuff and then it all just becomes a dark, swirling circle of negativity. You can’t affect POTUS …..but you can help stop the exact same negativity that so spectacularly consumed Kathy Griffin’s career. She allowed her hatred to carry her to insanity and for what? A cheap ode to ISIS?

    Besides, did you know a constant state of anger and fret ages women faster than alcohol or meth? Fun fact to know! Peace

  2. The writer of this piece should do their homework, it’s well documented and very well knon that 45 doesn’t do alcohol. So, suggesting he was “Drunk tweeting” is a ridiculous suggestion and diminishes the more important point the writer was going for. Make no mistake, I HATE the guy. That doesn’t mean I won’t call out amateur mystakes like these wjen they are so obvious!

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