Don Jr. Just Tried To Troll Jimmy Kimmel, Late-Night Host Made Him Look Like A Moron

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Saturday morning, Donald Trump woke up and started bitching that late-night hosts are making him the butt of their jokes. He whined that he thinks he deserves “equal time” on the shows, meaning the hosts should also make pro-Trump jokes or anti-Democrat jokes:

Jimmy Kimmel, who has been very vocal about his disappointment with the Trump Administration, responded to the president and offered him his job:

While we think that is an excellent idea, Donald Trump Jr. was a little miffed that a late-night host was picking on his daddy and tried to troll Kimmel.

Jr. is talking about an article that outed gross Hollywood producer and big Democratic Party donor, Harvey Weinstein, as a serial sexual harasser much like Jr’s daddy and his buddies at Fox News. Apparently, Jr. didn’t get the memo that liberals do not stand by men who disrespect women and harass them, unlike the GOP who elected a man who likes to “grab ’em by the pussy.” What’s even funnier is that the New York Times, who the Trumps loathe, are the ones who broke the story, Kimmel noted the irony:


Not only did he make Jr. look like a dumbass for citing a newspaper he and his father say can’t be trusted, he also shut the “liberals won’t speak out against Weinstein” narrative down. Little Don, lamely responded and said he “looks forward” to hearing Jimmy’s monologue about Weinstein next week, still not understanding that he and his daddy don’t get to dictate what late-night hosts talk about. Moron.

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