Deportation Isn’t The Only Way Trump Is Tearing American Families Apart

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“The political divide.”

Makes it sound like a little crack you can just jump across, right? I couldn’t tell you how many articles I’ve read since November that describe families, couples, or friends who have learned to stifle their feelings about politics in order to get along. They bottle up their emotions and put them on a shelf so they can visit with their loved ones unimpeded by bickering.

There’s an endless supply of examples, from Q&A forums to online therapy columns, from case studies to some outright dismissals that there even is a political divide in America.

Hint: There is.

The reality is that nobody writing these articles (including me now, I suppose) can possibly understand the nuances of your family. I don’t know your history, or what happened in your families before the election, or even what personal stake you may have in political outcomes: Is your same-sex marriage in jeopardy now? Do the politics in your “purple” state change with electoral winds?

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Are they doing genital checks at bathroom doors?

And so far, all of this stuff I’m saying sounds just like another one of those same articles, doesn’t it? Well, here’s where I diverge from the would-be psychotherapists, because it’s been long enough since the election to stop giving platitudes and face reality. This is the part where somebody finally brings up the elephant in the room:

Trump supporters are stupid.

Not a sign you’re dealing with a genius

Now, I don’t mean your dad doesn’t know how to turn a wrench, or even 3D model a wrench on his computer. I don’t mean your mom forgot how to be a lawyer after she cast her ballot. We’re not talking about IQ here. Honestly, I’m not even talking about them being stupid for voting for Donald Trump — maybe, just maybe, we’ve finally heard enough to understand they truly did believe something horrible was going to happen if Hillary Clinton was elected.

It could be the End of the World™

Now it’s gone off the deep end. It’s the bogus stuff that spreads online regardless of its veracity. It’s partisanship that has taken the logical step into undying devotion. It doesn’t matter. Now the people you know who used to decry “the liberal media” because of perceived bias are calling basic recitation of factual events “Fake News.” Like, loudly. In your face. When you post something online, it no longer matters whether it can be proven, who it’s by, or what it’s about — so long as the President, and therefore your sappy relative, believes it’s true.

They can’t name their own mayor, but by god they know who Valerie Jarrett is!

Once they’re in the grip of this mandated collective lunacy, it can be hard for them to extricate themselves. They see it in their FB newsfeed. They learn it in their churches. They definitely hear it from their friends — birds of a feather, and all that. But more importantly, there is no desire to pop their own bubble… Because they don’t believe they’re in one. They become absolute loyalists.

“Yeah, we’re movin’ on up”

And once they reach this stage, it’s all but over.

They just mash that share button — 4:52 p.m., 4:53 p.m.

Because even proper titles are abbreviated now, so they can follow along
keep scrolling = Jesus hates you

And they don’t let their hypocrisy get in the way, either. Many (if not MOST) Trump supporters would call themselves Christians:

“I know we don’t talk much god, but can you make this Russia thing disappear?”

While happily posting contradictory memes to see if the whiny snowflakes “can take a joke”:

Somebody’s *mom* posted this! Okay, it was my mom.

But what makes me an expert on what to do about it? Well, all I know is what I’ve done, and I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you do it too: I’ve stopped talking to them. How can I be friends with people so utterly committed to being wrong about absolutely everything?

Every picture in this article is screencapped from one single week of my mother’s Facebook page.

Don’t judge me. Scroll back up and read this thing again.

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