Dems To Trump: ‘F*ck Off!’ After He Demands Private Voter Info On Every American Citizen

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On Thursday, the White House demanded that all 50 states turn over detailed and private information about every voter in the country:

The White House commission on election integrity, led by vice chair Kris Kobach, also sent a letter to 50 states asking them to provide sweeping voter data including “the full first and last names of all registrants, middle names or initials if available, addresses, dates of birth, political party (if recorded in your state), last four digits of social security number if available, voter history (elections voted in) from 2006 onward, active/inactive status, cancelled status, information regarding any felony convictions, information regarding voter registration in another state, information regarding military status, and overseas citizen information.”

The idea is to find patterns of “voter fraud” but that’s bullshit. The White House will take this data and use it to unconstitutionally strip millions of voters of their legal right to vote and if don’t think this information will “accidentally” find its way into the hands of both the Russians and conservative groups so they know exactly who to target with propaganda, you’re fucking insane. This is exactly the kind of intrusive big government conservatives claim to hate. Watch how few of them complain.

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As of this writing, at least three states have refused an unprecedented request from the White House that they turn over detailed and private information on America voters. California, Virginia (go home team!) and Kentucky Secretary of State Allison have said “Fuck you!” to this obvious abuse of power. Expect every Republican Secretary of State to eagerly deliver the goods to their overlord but look for every Democrat to resist. They know full well that Kris Kobach, aka Mr. Jim Crow himself, is going to lie about what he “finds” and try to force states to purge millions of minority voters. And with the stolen Supreme Court on their side, they might just get away with it.

Openly rigging elections is the only chance Trump and Republicans have to avoid a midterm massacre that will force Trump out of office. This is what it looks like when democracy is actually under attack by tyrants. Get ready to fight for your constitutional right to vote or you won’t have another chance.


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