Democratic Rockstar Exposes Trump’s Russian Connections With Amazing New Site

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Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) launched a new webpage Wednesday to break down the ties between the Russian government and Comrade Trump. His site, Protect Our Democracy, fully outlines the connections between Trump and his cronies to Russia.

It is thorough as hell.

One illustration shows Agent Orange on one side, Putin on the other and the tribe of of old, white men in between. Some of the names listed are Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson and Michael Flynn. The site states,

The New York Times reported that members of Trump’s 2016 campaign and other Trump associates had frequent contact with senior Russian intelligence officials throughout the campaign. In addition to these questionable communications, here are a few other associates with ties to Moscow:

The site continues to outline every single name – and then some – on the above illustration and go into detail about each individual tie. For instance, it discusses Rex Tillerson’s ties with Putin for two decades while working on energy products under Exxon. It explains that Donald Trump, Jr. met with a leader of a Syrian opposition group backed by Russia regarding ways the U.S. could work with Russia on the Syrian conflict – weeks before the election.

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If it smells fishy, it’s probably not good – and these people are stinking up the whole country.

Swalwell’s goal is to put the Russian ties, and what they have to do with our country, into context.

Examining Russia as a country that has committed serious war crimes and human rights violations across the globe, the Trump Administration’s continued and close ties to Russia, and what Russia did to interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections is essential to understand the significance of its attack and what we need to do to ensure this never happens again.

In addition to his site, Swalwell introduced the Protecting our Democracy Act (H.R. 365) in January. This would create a commission to investigate any Russian interference in our election.

Eric Swalwell is a Democratic badass. We can only hope more representatives will follow his example and do everything in their power to ensure some type of justice is meted out to the liars in office.

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