Democrat Joe Manchin Just Gave Us Another Reason To Primary His DINO Ass

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Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has decided to add his two cents to the recent debate of NFL players kneeling during the anthem. We all know it’s to draw attention to black men being killed by the police, but this has apparently gone over the heads of Trump and his fellow Trump train riders, including Joe Manchin – you know, one of the ‘democratic’ Senators who has made it clear he will adhere to Trump’s agenda.

In the video, Manchin is asked what he thinks about the players kneeling during the presentation of the flag and the anthem. He says he “prefers to stand.” Later he goes on to state:

I learned that when I was a young person, it was just taught to me that was just the right thing to do

Except that none of the players are trying to disrespect the flag or the anthem, Joe. They’re peacefully protesting injustices happening every day – kneeling is a sign of deference.

Joe goes on to ramble about understanding military member sacrifices as he got older, saying it is his patriotic duty in return to respect the flag.

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Those same military members’ sacrifices include making it possible to peacefully protest racial injustice, Joe. You should know that too since you’re a senator and represent servicemen and women.

Continuing to sound incoherent, Manchin goes on to talk more about how football is a team sport, so if one player is “picked on” the rest of the team usually supports them.  Then he states:

The owners of these teams that have contracts [with players] have to step in here and say I’m not going to tolerate it. The only thing you and I can do… is turn off the TV if you do not support the demonstrations.

Of course, he didn’t say he was referring to Trump’s “S.O.B.” comments, because that would be too easy. Good work being a dinosaur Joe- just what the country needs – please note sarcasm.

You can watch the video below.

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