David Duke Reprimands Trump On Canned Tweet Regarding Nazi Protest (Video)

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There is a lot of news coming out of Virginia this weekend.  Saturday’s “Unite The Right” rally was the latest event drawing white nationalists and right-wing activists from across the country to Charlottesville, a largely-Democrat town — the rally being precipitated by the city’s decision to remove symbols of its Confederate past. A car plowed into a group of counter protestors, killing at least one person.

Donald Trump, on his golfing vacation, made a canned, predictable speech denouncing violence. Violence. He said nothing about White Nationalists marching in support of him. He made no denouncement of people chanting, “Heil Trump!” Before his appearance on television, he tweeted a message saying much the same.

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David Duke, America’s best-known racist, knows what’s up. He understands that Trump can’t come right out and say that the President of the United States supports White Nationalism. He took to Twitter after Trump made the following canned tweet:

Notice that Trump condemned hate. He did not condemn White Nationalists praising his name. He did not condemn the neo-nazis – NAZIS – who arrived waving their flags and being prepared to fight. Let’s not even go on the Confederate flag tirade – people waving that flag to symbolize the most unpatriotic period in American history.

David Duke isn’t having Trump caving and not speaking his White truth.

When David Duke is disappointed that you aren’t as racist as he knows you are, you have a problem. For anyone doubting this protest is about anything other than White Nationalism, please take a few seconds to watch this video from the event:

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