Darth Cheeto Spends $500K Of Supporters’ Money On His Brands During His Perpetual Campaign

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Darth Cheeto has not stopped fundraising. He has been perpetually fundraising for the 2020 election because he wants to win bigly again, no matter how much that costs his supporters. According to The Wall Street Journal, around $500,000 of the money that has been raised this year, has gone directly to Trump-owned businesses. Hmmmm, imagine that.

Our orange-faced, little-fingered leader was supposed to save America money. He bragged about how he wouldn’t accept a salary, that he was rich and didn’t need it. Do you remember this? I sure do.

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Now it’s April, the Supreme Cheeto has been in office for almost three months (*gag*) and the country is being bled dry by his traveling expenses, secret service for his huge family(ies) and all the damn bombs he wants to drop on runways and tunnels. Since January, the Trump campaign has raised over $42 MILLION.

Let’s break down what he has spent from the money his supporters have sent him just this year: $274,013 has gone toward rent at Trump Tower, $58,685 for lodging at Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach and $13,828 has gone toward renting facilities and catering at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. It seems as though Trump just can’t stop spending his supporters’ money on himself.

So, let’s get this straight. A bunch of poor people in rural red states voted for a billionaire who spends money like he breathes air. It seems totally legit, right? I guess it’s a good thing these people aren’t very educated or they might have already picked up on this yuge con job. Trump is like a reverse Robin Hood – he robs from the poor to give to himself. Meanwhile, as he spends a ton of others’ money on himself, he is cutting things left and right. I guess we don’t need things like parks or libraries or PBS as long as Trump can continue spending money on his orange ass. After all, this presidency has been all about him.

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