Daily Shows “They Love Me” By “Black Trump” Is The Best Thing You Will See Today

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In case you missed it on the Daily Show or have not had the good fortune of seeing it anywhere on your social media feed, you have to check out the music video that the Daily Show put together called “They Love Me” by the character “Black Trump”. It is by far the most hilarious and yet at the same time horrifying thing you will see today. The reason it is both hilarious and horrifying is the fact that every single lyric in the video is actual verbatim quotes by Donald Trump. Who more than likely is going to be the presidential nominee of a major party and will be on ballots in November, which should scare the fuck out of even the bravest of souls.

Enjoy the video and try your best not to let the thought of the real Trump possibly becoming president creep into your mind while you do.

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