Creationist Claims Las Vegas Shooting Was A ‘False Flag’ To Take Away Guns

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Honestly, I expected the first person I’d see claiming the Vegas shooting was a false flag would be Alex Jones. And while he might have done just that — he made a statement with regards to the shooting that was a statement in so much as it contained words and it had punctuation in the transcript — the first person that I’ve seen make this claim has been creationist Kent Hovind.

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Hovind, if you’re not familiar with him, is best known for being a young earth creationist, Evangelical, and “tax protestor” — that latter of which earned him 10 years in prison.

But like most members of the Religious Right, Hovind also believes in all manner of bonkers New World Order conspiracies and has supported the antigovernment “patriot” movements, some of which have an Antisemitic leaning — like, Protocols of the Elders of Zion Antisemitic.

Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn Hovind claimed the Vegas shooting is a “false flag” in a recent video he uploaded to his YouTube channel, as reported by the Friendly Atheist blog.

In the video, Hovind took a rather . . . witless approach:

… One guy did not fire all those rounds. There’s a thousand things about this… for instance, all the pictures they show of the blood, the blood is still red! That’s movie blood… to make it look… the blood turns brown or dark after a short time of being out of the body!

… Now there were people shot and killed. But the whole purpose of that thing that happened in Las Vegas is to take away the guns. The Second Amendment has always been an obstacle to those… I cover in my video #5 of my award-winning video series all the different countries through history that have used gun control as a means of mass extermination like Hitler and the Jews…

… Where are all the shell casings? Wouldn’t those hot shell casings burn holes in the carpet? Show us that burned carpet from the hotel, please. How come none of the maids that came up there and cleaned the room every day saw what was going on? Don’t you think they would’ve noticed something? Thousands of rounds of ammunition? And why did all the people say there’s flashes coming from several spots on the hotel?…

All of these “points” are easily explained — Bill Ludlow does a good job in the video below — but no amount of evidence will convince Hovind he’s shoving bullshit, nor will it convince the parrots who swallow it whole and then vomit it all over social media.

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One thing I do want to take aim at, though, is the lie that gun control has been used as a means for mass extermination. I knew Australia had concentration camps for immigrants, but I wasn’t aware there was an ongoing mass extermination there. Nor have I heard anything about mass exterminations in the United Kingdom, Canada, or New Zealand. These are four Anglophone multicultural societies with gun control to varying degrees. What do they know about gun control the United States, the other Anglophone multicultural society not mentioned there, doesn’t?

Aside from, you know, that it makes shootings like one in Vegas less frequent.

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