Cop Already Under Investigation Beats ANOTHER Suspect Half To Death (VIDEO)

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It’s not really Monday in America without another report of police brutality that happened over the weekend. On Friday, a police officer in Vallejo, CA was filmed chasing down a black man suspected of “acting erratically” at a gas station and delivering on-the-spot justice courtesy of his department-issue Mag Light.

slightly more effective than a uniform at “maintaining order”

Once the officer realized he was being filmed, he did the sensible thing: He pulled his gun on the crowd, telling them to “Get the fuck back!”

The officer, who has been identified as Spencer Muniz-Bottomley, continued to beat the already-subdued “erratic” suspect and arrested the man on charges of being under the influence and resisting arrest. While the man’s shouts of “I AM GOD” seem to corroborate the controlled substance charge, it seems that even attempting to not die while being pummeled with the anodyzed aluminum barrel of a “tactical” flashlight constitutes resisting arrest in the eyes of the Vallejo PD, who said they would investigate but that:

Violence is always ugly but police officers are exposed to violent situations every day and they are required to overcome that violence not just match it.

Officer Bottomley, who was hired by the VPD a mere 21 months ago, is no stranger to violent confrontation, although his bio in the Vallejo City Bi-Weekly Report from the time of his hire paints a different picture:

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“communication skills” are his specialty

In April of 2016, Badge Number 687 was involved in another exchange that resulted in charges of police brutality; that case is still pending as of a month ago.

surprise! also a black guy

Priorities seem to be in order for the Vallejo PD, as they list the bail amounts for the charges at $1,600 for the DUI, $5,000 for running from the cops in the first place, and $25,000 for struggling against the heavily armed man who was beating him within an inch of his life:

One of these things is not like the other

Facebook user Laura Maldonado posted the videos publicly on her profile, and encouraged viewers to share. We encourage that, too. Watch [Video In 3 Parts]:

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Posted by Laura Maldonado on Saturday, March 11, 2017

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Posted by Laura Maldonado on Saturday, March 11, 2017

PART 3 North Vallejo

Posted by Laura Maldonado on Saturday, March 11, 2017

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