Conservatives Explode In A Fit Of Racist Rage Because They’re Too Stupid To Read (IMAGES)

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Right-wingers are in full-on meltdown mode as they learn that President Obama is pushing green card holders to become full-fledged citizens.

On Friday, Obama Administration officials traveled to Los Angeles and met with Mayor Eric Garcetti, business owners and local immigration groups to figure out a plan that would encourage the immigrants of the city to go all the way and obtain their citizenship. Mayor Garcetti explained why it’s so important on Twitter before the meeting:

“To launch forward we must return to our core values as Americans and even in these tough times strive to embrace our role as a nation of immigrants, a nation of dreamers, a nation of hope.”

Buuuutttttt the xenophobic right does not agree.

In the comment section under an LA Times article about the meeting, Republicans exploded with rage:

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Just so we are clear, this initiative is intended to help LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS obtain citizenship. Obama is not sending officials there to round up undocumented immigrants and bestow citizenship on them, these are people who are one hundred percent legally allowed to be here — it says so right in the article:

Garcetti said Step Forward LA, a program created in 2015 that helps people determine whether they are eligible to become citizens and prepares them for the citizenship test, has helped 45,000 people.

He said there are an estimated 350,000 legal permanent residents in Los Angeles alone who are eligible to apply for citizenship but haven’t. In the greater area, the number soars to 750,000.

This is why we are unable to take Conservative America seriously. These people are so blinded by rage and ignorance that even when the facts are laid right out in front of them they cannot see past their own stupidity.

The president merely wants to let immigrants know that there are resources available to them if they want to take the final step in the journey towards citizenship. He is doing nothing more than getting the word out and these uneducated fools are having meltdowns.

The best part of their reactions, though, is that they prove that the GOP doesn’t give two flying f*cks if someone “does it the right way.” The only thing they care about is keeping brown people with funny accents out of “their” country. But, we already knew that.

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