Texas Congressman Pissed That Senate Bill Covers Prenatal Care Because He ‘Can’t Use’ It

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Pete Olson (R-TX) is an asshole. I mean, if the fact that he is a Texan Republican didn’t tip you off, his latest remarks will totally seal the deal for you. He was talking with Houston radio host, Sam Malone, on Friday and he took some time to discuss the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

He said even though the bill seems dead on arrival, there were many things about it that he likes. The thing he likes is that it will wipe out “Obamacare,” I’m sure. However, he also pointed out some negative aspects he felt were not necessary. Some of those involve keeping mandatory coverage for deemed essential conditions – conditions that can not be avoided:

I have some concerns because, one thing, they still guarantee coverage for ten essential conditions and one of those conditions — this is care for all, includes you and me — it’s prenatal care … I think we all have what we call an X chromosome. You, me, JP, Tom and Chuck have those, which means we can’t have a baby. Why do we have to pay for that coverage that we can’t use?

I hope this man isn’t married because I have a feeling that wifey would not be very pleased about this dumb-as-fuck comment. Or maybe she wouldn’t care. If she married him, she should know he isn’t running on all cylinders.

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Pete must have forgotten that we have all been pushed or pulled out of a woman’s womb at some point in time. Our welcome to the world was hearing our mothers’ cries along with our own. We could speculate that Olson is a reptile, but we are fairly certain he was not hatched. He had a mother who gave birth to him, and with better pre-natal care, he may have been just a tiny bit more intelligent.

Why would a representative who claims to be pro-life oppose essential care for baby and mother? The reason we don’t see the numbers of mothers dying in childbirth or children dying before their first birthdays is directly correlated to healthcare. If that concept is too difficult for Olson to grasp, he should not be representing humans.

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