Confused Trumpers Don’t Know How To React To Maybe Fake Deportation Force

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A story this morning by the Associated Press has supporters of Donald Trump divided. Is the 11-page DHS memorandum calling for 100,000 National Guard troops to assist in rounding up and deporting undocumented immigrants fake news, or good news?

Dated January 25, and composed as “guidance” to implement Trump’s executive order on immigration, the memo would authorize members of the National Guard in 11 states “to perform the functions of an immigration officer in relation to the investigation, apprehension and detention of aliens in the United States.”

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Shortly after the AP broke the story, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters aboard Air Force One that the draft memo “is not a White House document” and said the report was “false.”

To an Associated Press reporter, Spicer said, “I wish you guys had asked before you tweeted.”

The AP reporter noted that the outlet asked multiple times before publication, according to pool reports of the exchange.

Although the memo definitely exists — in fact, it was drafted by retired Gen. John Kelly, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, which has confirmed the document is “a very early, pre-decisional draft” — some Trump supporters immediately jumped on Spicer’s words to dismiss the entire story as a fabrication.

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Yet for others, the AP story is welcome evidence that Trump is answering their anxieties about non-citizens by laying the groundwork for mass deportations.

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The divide on the right mirrors one on the left. Many Trump opponents are up in arms about the story, while others say it’s a mere diversion from the real issues of the day — or even a clever trick to catch whistleblowers and make the mainstream media look bad.

Some people tried to find humor in the Trump regime’s denials.

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But to others, the AP story is a perfect example of what Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and the cadre of white nationalists around Trump really want to do for America.

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