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Christie’s Lt. Governor Wants To Sell The Beach House Where He Vacationed During The Shutdown

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It would appear that lawmakers were outraged by Chris Christie’s blatant air of entitlement right along with the general public. John Wisniewskio (D – NJ) has proposed two bills after the Chris Christie beach scandal during the 4th of July weekend. The first bill would allow the public to rent the governor’s beach house. The second bill would prevent the Governor from using the house during any type of government shutdown.

Chris Christie talked to the press and told them that he was not going to apologize for spending time with his family. We all couldn’t care less about that – everyone should enjoy occasional days off to just be at peace with those we love. The fact is, he caused the parks and the beaches to be closed on a busy holiday weekend – barring people from spending time with their families who were going to those destinations. He felt as though he is above the people like some self-appointed king, and cannot figure out why people are outraged over his behavior. Still.

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The Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey agrees. Kim Guadagno (R)stated in a text message to NJ Advance Media on Friday,

I’ve never thought there should be a beach house for the governor. I think it should be sold. If I were governor, I sure wouldn’t be sitting on the beach if taxpayers didn’t have access to state beaches.

I wonder if that’s the same thing as Trump saying he wouldn’t be playing golf if he were president when Obama was still in office?

In any case, Chris Christie is a giant douche-canoe. A man who cannot see any fault in his actions against the entire population of a state should not be the governor of anywhere. It appears as though the crumbling of human compassion is not a disease of the White House alone. Apparently, if you’re Republican, you’ve already been infected.

Watch Christie NOT apologize for being a giant asshole:

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