Chelsea Handler Sends Trumpsters Into A Rage With One Brutal Tweet

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Chelsea Handler caught a metric shit ton of hate from right-wingers on Saturday after she tweeted a little message involving Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. We are all aware of Handler’s sometimes raunchy humor, but many conservatives found themselves shocked at her words (imagine – outrage over words when their own leader talks about women like they are merely cattle).

Breitbart did a write-up on the tweet making it seem as though Chelsea Handler was strictly attacking the senators’ wives.

While Chandler told Variety earlier this month that “divisiveness is not the answer,” her continued attacks on the wives of Republican leaders suggest she’s still bitter about Clinton’s devastating defeat.

We see what they are doing. They are trying to imply that Handler is a liberal woman who attacks other women, REPUBLICAN women, because she is bitter. Chelsea Handler is a comedian who has never shied away from airing her political views in humorous, frequently vulgar, ways. It’s sort of her job. However, Breitbart’s readers ate it up.

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Ironically, the readers showed just how vulgar they are in their comments.

Wow. This is a totally normal response. This reader got 14 likes on this vileness.

Disgusting sewage, eh? Mike Ross is awfully critical of women who would never give him the time of day.

Oh, this. This is the just the classiest. When intellect fails, fall back on incest humor.

Sad. A person thinking that every woman needs a child to make her life whole.

Afro-American tubesteak, eh? Racism with a side of sexism – classic. At least ole Jack realized that Breitbart is giving people unnecessary attention – unfortunately the attention is on the asshole commentary.

Why do “all” conservatives talk about liberal women like all they are missing is a little bit of sex in their lives? We think this is some sort of projection, but we aren’t healthcare professionals.

This is a classic example of right-wing nuts getting their panties in a bunch over a successful woman using her celebrity to speak against the people they hold in high regard. Instead of using an iota of intelligence to condemn what they consider a vulgar remark, they stooped to even more vulgar attacks in an attempt to discredit her. All they really did was reinforce the belief that some conservatives don’t exactly have enough intellect to go beyond playground insults.

Let’s not even talk about the irony of them getting angry over a tweet when their President is tweeting lies on an almost regular basis.

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