Chelsea Handler NAILS Gorsuch With Hilarious Tweets

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Neil Gorsuch’s first day on the Supreme Court bench was Monday. He looked very smug sitting in his big boy seat to the far-right (pun intended). Today was anticipated by supporters and opponents alike. Many people feel as though Gorsuch is an illegitimate judge; McConnell imposed the nuclear option and a only a simple majority was needed to give Gorsuch his seat – basically extending the middle finger to the Democrats.

Many people visited Twitter to express their frustration – or happiness – over seeing Gorsuch actually sit on the bench of our highest court. The happy people being those who identify as extremely conservative and say stupid shit about couples with the names Adam and Steve.

Chelsea Handler was not happy. Actually, Chelsea Handler isn’t at all happy with any of Trump’s picks and she uses Twitter just as freely and almost as often as our Twit-In-Chief. She tweeted about Monday’s tragedy with a very pointed jab at the qualifications needed for Trump’s nominee:

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Trump followers pounced. They despise Handler to an irrational degree – like, they hate her even more than most women. Let’s read some of the insults these geniuses delivered to prove to Handler how stupid she is.

The left does not whine. We point out the obvious concern that any Supreme Court judge with extreme conservative views can undo any progress we have made toward social justice in this country.

Oh yes. I forgot that anyone who dates outside their own race hates theirs. I also forgot that women who do not want children of their own automatically hate ALL kids. I will leave the grammar and spelling errors alone – this time.

Old ladies like Chelsea Handler wear a ton of makeup to cover up their wrinkles and age spots and are always insincere. This guy needs to work on his comedy bit – it’s old.

These people burn my ass. The idea that women need children to make their lives complete is so 70 years ago. These are the same people who bitch when women need help from the government to feed their children. They are also the people who don’t want to let Syrian children into America because they may be miniature terrorists.

Chelsea Handler may be rich and white and have opportunities you and I could never dream of, but that does not make her insincere. She has her own beliefs and is going to make damn sure she shares them. I applaud her for not backing down. Ever.

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