Deandre Harris after beating by gang of white supremacists

Charlottesville Police Charge Black Man Who Was Beaten By Neo-Nazis

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In this week’s edition of making America great again, Mr. Deandre Harris, a special education instructor in Charlottesville (no, he didn’t come to town for the march) whose brutal and mindless beating by white supremacists was caught on video by a “reporter” for the Daily Caller, has been charged with unlawful wounding–a felony. The video of the assault on Mr. Harris appears at the bottom of this article in case you’ve missed it.

The charge, which comes from a local magistrate, was the result of another video by an anonymous person showing him swinging a flashlight at a Nazi, claiming that he started the violence that resulted in his own beating. I am posting that brief video here to shut down this ridiculous complaint.

As you can see it has been clearly snipped to show just a few isolated seconds of the incident. However, in the short video, you can clearly see that a white supremacist is assaulting Deandre and other protesters with a flagpole. Deandre tries to defend himself and the other protesters from the assault by hitting the guy with the flagpole in the arm with a flashlight. The video then cuts off.

What we now know is that a counter-protester and a Nazi got into an altercation. You can see that altercation in a nearly 6-minute video posted by another neo-Nazi as “proof” that Deandre was the real instigator (he wasn’t). The counter-protester was able to get away and the mob of white supremacists descended on Deandre beating him senseless. Now a magistrate has taken a heavily-edited four-second video and decided Deandre was not allowed to defend himself and has issued an arrest warrant.

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Welcome to Trump’s America. And people are still wondering why we’re taking knees.

Watch white supremacists beat Deandre:

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